Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Gay Marriage

I have never understood why homosexuality is a controversial issue. I do not say this naïvely and nor do I say it in a butter-doesn't-melt kind of way. It has always been clear to me: gay, bi, straight, the foundations are the same. To me, I believe it should be equally surprising if someone is gay, bi or straight. Maybe I hope the world can be seen in a more beautiful colour, but homophobia, is categorically wrong. Hence, homosexuality should not be considered wrong. Of course, everyone has an opinion. My opinion is that those who believe homosexuals should not have equal rights and therefore the same opportunities is wrong. Frankly, it is disgusting.

I sit, trying to consider the opposite argument, be tentative, but I can say with confidence that I physically cannot. I would be less opinionated if I was someone who could not see it so black and white. Yet I do and so will not apologise. How is it 2013, where new, exciting technology is no longer a surprise, where walking down the street without sending a virtual message is impossible and the concept of gay marriage is alien to some?

"Boy meets girl" results in no eyebrows raised; throw "boy meets boy" or "girl meets girl" into the equation and suddenly the idea becomes all the more complicated. Apparently. What is all the more frustrating is that I cannot depict strongly enough the amount my head begins to hurt attempting to put into words how simple the subject is and yet that is all it should take: "It. Is. Simple."

"Love" to so many is a beautiful, delicate movement of two people being besotted with the other. The majority, I take an uneducated, bitter guess would picture a couple consisting of two different genders. Now, this, I can not feel angry about. This is how generations so far have been brought up. Why though, should this be the case? Why, after being told a story of two people, so caught up in the motion of love does it become ugly when informed the couple were indeed of the *gasp shock horror* same sex?

As taught from many years of education, "I" should not be used in a persuasive piece, just facts, figures and tentative analysis. However, this should not need educating: same sex marriage is the same as opposite sex marriage. Furthermore, this should not have to be a case that needs to be persuasive.

Following the "tentative analysis" should be an assured conclusion and I assure you, there should be no more doubt around same sex marriage.

Stop this craziness now.

Daisies & Clouds,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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