Monday, 4 February 2013


It is so easy to get caught up in fantasy worlds, I believe. Those influential are often known to depict thoughts of nothing being bigger than the subject in question, that any dream is doable, that if one has the willpower then one will succeed. And we, let's face it, believe them. "Why couldn't I quit my job and become...?", "Why shouldn't I...?" I wish there was an answer which satisfied our obvious want to reach higher than we possibly can.

I often find myself dreaming of a farfetched job where I face no problems, just a girl in a room exploring places and creating people or words that paint a metaphorical picture matching the one in my mind. Here I find myself asking myself in a hopeful, yet strained tone, "Why do I have to fit in with 'the norm'?". Reality, however hits me like a tonne of sour, stubborn bricks. Songs, movies and books create, for me the ideal world. A place where "twists and turns" will be overcome. I would have no need to worry about it; just sit back and relax as the problem unfolds. Soon it will be over. Soon will be your Happy Ever After.

Happy Ever After? Many assign thoughts of love and family with the latter phrase. Well, yes, as do I. However being a young adult, as of now, it is my future career that defines my state of mind. With no clear plan ahead of me, only the shadow of too many fairytales (which I do not regret) and musicals, I sit infront of a computer screen, the words of Taylor Swift "dream impossible dream" contrasting with a former teacher's words: "you won't challenge the norm. You're from working-class backgrounds...". Inspiring, I know right?

Yet, as I type this I'm saddening at my pessimistic tone. Why isn't it possible for a girl to dream? Why shouldn't we all be encouraged to dream "outside of the box"? The answer is probably society. And authority. Why should we listen to society and authority? Now, I am not suggesting a rebellion. Merely a simple thought: "why can't I have a fairytale start (why would I want a "fairytale-ending?)?".

So I shall dream. I shall wish. I do believe in dreaming, I do, I do.

Bluebells & Pebbles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


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    1. Thank you so sooo much! This is so weird because I read your piece on your sister yesterday and I thought it was the loveliest thing!


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