Monday, 18 February 2013


When I talk about expectations I'm meaning the pressure upon oneself when faced with a task/series of exams or whatnot. Thus, expectations suck, right? I don't think that many people sit at home, revision spread before them smiling, thinking "this weight on my shoulders makes me feel free". Well, if anyone does, then kudos to you. Kudos...and can I be you?

I know not many people are but I am not an Exam Person. It makes me very nervous and when sat in the hall, crisp booklet of paper with nonsense spilled out over each page, whatever I had revised is very jumbled.

Now, becoming rather nauseous at the thought of the exams that wait for me, I know this will never get easier.

You must remember:

- quotes
- examples
- to link back to the question
- exciting new information that the examiner won't have heard of before
- to be brilliant
- write neatly in the stupidly short amount of time for a whole essay and two questions
- to have a cohesive structure
- not to burst into tears.
- etc etc.

Okay. Breathe. You can do this.

Strawberries & Cream,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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