Saturday, 14 May 2016

Dancing for No Reason

It's been a tough year in terms of essays and exams at university. I have let myself down and partially it is because I had lost sight of how it is I find it easier to work. I stopped giving myself the best chance because I just couldn't find "my way" of writing essays/revising again. With the knowledge that these summer exams are very vital for me, I am so delighted that I have found a new way to revise, take it all in and feel confident (sometimes methods that did once work stop working). There is also a balance to working alongside university- letting university (college, school or general work) and education be your pal and not your enemy. Breaks are so important and filling them wisely (something that allows for relaxing or improving yourself in some way!) is absolutely necessary.


Without thinking too much into it I have repeatedly filled revision breaks (5-10 minutes ones) with dancing. I realised this this morning and chuckled. I am no dancer. I'll put a song on and just let loose. I can't explain how therapeutic. It feels like I'm a toddler and I need to let my energy out, but man, I need to let some energy out. Get rid of the tension.

I sometimes might accompany my dancing with singing and quite honestly, I'm having the best time ever. I had a friend round who was revising with me and we were finding it so hilarious and it put our minds in such a positive place. And that is so important. If I'm lacking motivation or panicking about something revision-y, my thoughts need a burst of long-lasting positivity.

It's so important to find ways of stress relief that suit you. Otherwise we drown in our misery and it's just such an unhealthy way of working. I definitely intend to transfer this stress-relief technique into other areas of my life. I have spoken about before when my mother and I will dance around in the kitchen and I realise I get the same grin on my face. Finding that happiness in a stressful time will always make it a smidge-a big smidge better.

Of course there are other ways to let loose when your mind set is tight and uncomfortable, but if you haven't tried it, please give it a go! This post was my little "me time" after revision for now, but my next break is going to involve dancing to McFly. It's going to be awesome.

Dancing & Singing,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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