Friday, 13 May 2016


Of course we are all allowed to make mistakes (okay, there are boundaries), be in bad moods and say the wrong things... However these kinds of things don't define us as long as we accept responsibility when we are wrong, we apologise and we act there onwards with our previous mistake in mind. We don't do it again or we learn how to deal with certain situations better. We improve. Even if there's a one step forward, two steps backwards kind of thing going on.

One thing, though, I have learnt very recently (although it has been at bay for quite a few years now) is that it is most certainly about what we do in our lives that should define us ultimately. Morbid, yes, but I mean when we die we can't expect people to forget how we've acted if we are constantly nasty, unreasonable and never willing to apologise and improve ourselves. And it's for ourselves that we need to help ourselves today (of course it's for others too). I would hate to die (I am cringing writing this but I should be posting a post about taboos like death very soon and so I don't think I should be cringing) and for fake words to be said about me: people saying that I was great person but they don't really mean it. The thought makes me incredibly sad. I want any thoughts about me to be as awesome as I can possible make them. As good. As sincere as possible.

And this means loving today. Being there for people today. Being there for myself today. Trying hard for myself today. Cheering people up today. I won't be losing my temper; I won't be stooping as low as those who may try to bring me down. Not today. Not ever. I will be snapping out of bad moods as quickly as possible and loving as much as possible every day. Starting with today.

I have learnt this lesson from someone too close to me. It should be how someone acts that defines our feelings towards them. Once it's pushed too far, it's time to move on. They can try to make you feel bad about it but it's their actions that have caused this reaction. It might suck; it might be hard. Because we cared. But sometimes you've got to just move on. I shouldn't keep forgiving because maybe one day a leopard might just change their spots. Too much hurt has been caused and I'm out of there.

Anything could happen today/tomorrow/in a month. So if negativity has been pushed too far, get rid of it! Use the negativity people want to create and form it into an awesome outlook- think, at least I don't thrive off of making people unhappy! At least I think before I speak. At least I can realise when I am being unreasonable and take a few moments. It's so important that we know what is important in our life. That positivity is crucial- and if we can't find it, any steps that can contribute to positivity as soon as possible. When we know what is important in our lives while being a good person, we can be the happiest.

Don't wait until tomorrow to learn. To love. To live.

Today & Tomorrow,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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