Saturday, 7 May 2016

Creatively Charged

A couple of weeks ago I was watching a video by Carrie Hope Fletcher and she was talking about how creatively charged she was/is! The phrase immediately provoked my own thoughts about it and I knew instantly the idea was relevant to me, particularly at the time. And, thankfully, it still is! I want to talk about my thoughts related to this phrase and how it is definitely applying to my life right now. Also, I want to speak about how I ultimately always seek to be creatively charged; however that may be. It's very important to me.

To be creatively charged is to feel excited and yet relaxed. It's to feel at home. Something in me feels accomplished and settled and like I'm snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket when I am creatively charged- even if I can't yet produce my creativity. It's like all that I've wanted has come true. I've worked hard and been rewarded by the loveliest night in. I grin a lot when my creative charge is on full battery. Or near it. I love that feeling. Why would I not adore a feeling that makes me so full of sunshine?

Back to a couple of weeks ago. I had a lot, a lot of ideas to blog about. Ideas that weren't even just a title/a thought. I knew I could write all of them if I had the time to sit down and not use my laptop for university work only (I had to use breaks as my exercise/talking to people time). This very post is an example of just that! I was - what felt like - constantly inspired and thinking of ideas to write about. I didn't have the choice but to only write the main thought/title down with any other thoughts, put it a little - but never completely - more further to the back of my mind (of course I was still thinking a lot about it all and more!) and learn to prioritise.

An aim for me is to always be a type of prepared that means I can still read, write and exercise. I am good with making sure I exercise (a horn that should be tooted- for all of us!), but books (despite being my favourite thing) can easily be neglected- and my writing too. However university has become increasingly time consuming and it has had to be at the forefront of my mind. Now, with some moments to spare, I must fuel my creatively charged heart, soul and fingers.

I've written about it before in another way, but I always want to be creatively charged. Always. Even if it's to a lesser extent, it is one of the most fulfilling feelings to feel like my mind is full of ideas that make me only see rainbows when it rains. It's so much more rainy when my creative charge is running out of battery. Yes, it sucks when I simply can't accommodate to my creative charge, but that is very exciting in comparison to no creative thoughts at all. Let's be thankful for that!

We are all different, of course. This isn't to say everyone should find a big slice of happiness in creativity, but I sure do encourage it!

Creative Charge & A Happy Heart,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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