Saturday, 2 August 2014

It's Kind of a Long Story | Chapter 1

In THIS post I wrote about how one of my life wishes is to write a story; like a book-long story. Or rather, a complete story... that consists of many pages. For a post I've been so excited about to write, I can't seem to formulate the right words to create a sentence. (Good luck in the endeavour you're about to explain, sweetie.)

When I was younger, much of what I used to do was sit in my room on my computer and try to write a story... like a whole many-a-paged thing. (Not that a story isn't a story without many pages... I can't stop rambling today... hopefully my story won't be so long because I'm rambling...) I would write and write and write, producing thoughts that were as cohesive as my fairyland of thoughts would allow. I'd create these characters and I'd fall in love with them. I'd then throw them into this world that I dreamed up and I typed and typed and typed for pages (hundreds of pages) until I stopped.

Somewhere along the road that my brain full of fluffy clouds of words lead me, it always stopped.

Age, yes, was a factor. I was convinced I could create this book of my thoughts, but I couldn't.

I'd also find whatever I was writing lacklustre. I was just writing. It was getting nowhere and you know when you're told to plan in an exam? I think the planning was lacking in my twelve-year-old writing process.

So, yes, it stopped. My writing would stop once I'd be confronted with a wall. But it always, in that period of my life, would start again. I'd move on to new characters, new worlds.

Now, though... I shall plan! And hope that I won't stop. And if I do, I can start again until it works.

Why I am doing this is for purely selfish reasons... for me! I have always dreamed of writing a story. A story I love and want to read. Just for me. I've decided to document my writing journey! Once or twice a month I will write a post about how it's going. I want to document the process; the sunshiny things and the struggles too!

The decision itself was a big one and that's why this post, although without relating to the writing experience itself is exciting to me!

So, this post marks the official start. This is me staring at a metaphorical mountain whilst metaphorically deciding I'm going to climb it. I'm going to write me a book!

I am childishly excited.

*Draws bedroom curtains, takes a sip of milkshake, and leaves only for food. Turns to imaginary camera: "I am ready."*

Sunsets & Jelly Beans,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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