Sunday, 17 August 2014


One of my favourite things is people being thoughtful.

I don't think I'm alone in adoring the act of someone being thoughtful, and it's why I try to remind myself to carry out the act myself. It's a lovely feeling that is even lovelier to watch being received.

The other day someone took the time to say something they needn't not say, but they did anyway, because, for whatever reason, they believed I deserved to hear it. And I liked hearing it. Not only because it felt nice to know something I'd done was appreciated, but it reminded me to always act in a way to produce this result, because it doesn't go unnoticed. The people that treat me in such a thoughtful way, like this person believes I treat them, deserve to know it's not just flying over my head; I really do notice it.

Not too long ago, I bought my mum a little gift that didn't cost me much, but - after the classic, "I assume you want something, then" - the smile she smiled made it more expensive in my heart. I love my mum and she deserves to know that I think of her when I'm not living in her house. It was clearly appreciated and another reminder to remember to be thoughtful.

Thoughtful-ness never has to be about money. It can be littlest things that I've experienced or given that can cause the loveliest of smiles: a picture that triggers laughs; someone remembering a little thing about someone; a moment of intended unity; an old joke; coming together when it may not be obviously needed; remembering something when it may not be needed to be remembered. Equally, it can involve a little bit of money; a text reminding someone of a memory; a letter or card through the letterbox; a pack of someone's favourite sweets. It all counts.

Thoughtful-ness is both easy and intricate, and it's the most wonderful act.

Do something thoughtful today.

Cards & Chocolate,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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