Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Eleven Years of McFly

McFly are eleven years old today.

I feel so excited for them and their success and growth and happiness, and seen as though last year I had a week dedicated to their ten year anniversary on my blog, it seems wrong for me not to mark this occasion with a blog post.

With my McFly Royal Albert Hall wristband round my wrist, next to my McBusted tour wristband, you can't ignore McFly's success and diversity and willingness to do what they want to do whilst making their fans happy. This is the reason I believe McFly have lasted (and will last until they are basically the age of dinosaurs). They do what they want to do.

I'm writing this with McFly on in the background (naturally). Songs from each of their studio albums have come and gone, still imprinting the same fangirl and natural smile on my heart. Each album is so different, so unlike each other, and yet so "McFly" all at the same time.

The last year has been a wonderfully awesome year for McFly: four incredibly awesome shows at Royal Albert Hall to mark ten years of being McFly; the birth of McBusted; Tom's baby Buzz; headlining Hyde Park; Danny and Georgia marrying.

These past few months have been so awesome to watch as McFly have been joined by Matt and James from Busted to make McBusted. You can't deny the happiness Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry are enjoying. As always, they're in their element. It's just a different element. When I saw them on the McBusted tour, all six of the band looked so excited and so at home; I, in turn, felt the same!

Eleven years of McFly have brought eleven years of success. I'd write out all of their achievements, but I don't need to see them to know that they are the best and most happy and content band in the world. They know who they are, and we know how they are, and that's why they make me so happy. It's a band of four incredibly talented members who have so much friendship and love between them, that, teamed with the most amazing fans (well, what can I say?), makes a band that will last for ever!

'Cause I've got you to make me stronger, When the days are rough and an hour seems much longer.

McFly & The Fans,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. You have no idea how excited I am to see another blogger writing about McFly! I've been such a huge fan since day one so I'm always really happy to see other people who love them too and appreciate them. Lovely post :)

    Holly / hollyinyourpocket.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Aw, this has made me SO happy! Thank you very much!


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