Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Windy Evening

I'm currently lying on my bed while the wind is singing loudly outside. I've got Paper Towns by John Green beside me, ready to re-read bits for the review I'm writing for it. I've missed this book since I read it last year so I'm excited to re-live Quentin's adventure. I've got Nina Nesbitt on in the background, and after having eaten a fair few angel slices (*grins charmingly and hopes you find me endearing... frowns*) I'm enjoying having a bit of reflection time (I feel like I'm back in infant school).

I've had the best summer so far and hope the rest of my weeks off are as fab as the last month and a bit have been. Thinking about this while the wind is angry is making me think about how lucky I am. I like thinking about the good things in my life because it gives me perspective and reminds me how fortunate I am compared to a lot, a lot of people. Considering this, I want to leave three links to some awesome charities because people suffer in this world and this is uncool:

Cardiac Risk in the Young

Post Pals

Straight But Not Narrow

I was thinking about how much books mean to me earlier. They mean a lot to me for a lot of different reasons and these reasons can vary from work book to another. Yet, there's one thing that doesn't change from book to book. I always learn something. Me Before You taught me to live because life can change; Harry Potter taught me friendship and how courage can differ from person to person but each act of courage is beautiful; The Book Thief taught me how things like books can hold a lot of importance to someone. A book can hold a life lesson within the words on the page.

Life has been busy recently. It's been full of lots of good things, and I am a very grateful person. It has meant time really has flown and from all of these realisations, all I can gather is that life can be too short. Sometimes life won't be as good, but the whole "you can't have a rainbow without a little rain" comes to mind. It may be the longest thing we do but it means finding a way to enjoy the sucky things (wind, as much as I've enjoyed it tonight, isn't the most welcome thing), indulge in life's things you enjoy (the written word and the sound of Nina Nesbitt's voice), enjoy time (summer) and appreciate life lessons (the teachings of books).

I wrote this post two nights ago, without the knowledge of the wonderfully talented Robin William's death on my mind. Now, as I'm about to post this, it is reinforced to me how fragile life is. How we need to talk and remove stigma from things like mental illness. The thoughts attached to mental illness are so unbelievably cruel and we need to sort this. Mental illness is so common and it needs to be discussed so that we can all feel comfortable talking about it, and find ways to deal with it. It is awful that the death of someone brings this more to light than ever, but at least the importance of it is getting recognition. Rest in peace Robin Williams.

Live the life you love while staying safe and being nice. It seems obvious to me.

Birds & Polka Dots,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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