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You're The One That I Want - Giovanna Fletcher

22nd May 2014

The sun had risen, I was awake, and very excited to allow my hands to glide happily over the front cover of Giovanna Fletcher's second novel. The day proceeded and I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

It arrived in a smiling box, delivered to the hands of an excitable girl.

I thought, as I stared lovingly at the pink and blue sky of the novel, I was ready for the heart-wrenching rollercoaster that is Giovanna Fletcher's You're The One That I Want. The tears on my face at the final pages of the novel tell a different story: The Story of Maddy, Rob and Ben.

15th June 2014

Since finishing Billy and Me (plugplugplug: you can read my review for that HERE, if you wish) last year, I couldn't wait for Giovanna's next piece of written sunshine. In the form of the gorgeously-beautiful You're The One That I Want, there, in front of me sat the novel that was about to entrance me completely.

You're The One That I Want is about three best friends, Maddy, Rob and Ben. It's a story of a first love, an unrequited love, and a raw love that is maybe not unrequited after all. Yet, the story that makes my heart smile and cry is also a concoction involving the loveliest friendship. A friendship that was maybe more fragile than it appeared, and they didn't want it to break. I didn't want it to break.

Maddy is about to walk down the aisle to marry a true love... Rob. Yet, is there always only one true love?

I think Giovanna tackles having two loves wonderfully in her second novel. Without a doubt, I only sympathised with Maddy and hoped her heart was happy, while aching for Ben and smiling still at Maddy and Rob's relationship. It could be a subject that's hard to make innocent, but my heart was completely attached to each character, each relationship and each friendship, wanting everyone to have their happy ending.

The novel follows the best friends' story through the point of views of Maddy and Ben. I love reading books with a  male perspective and reading a story of love through Ben's gorgeously romantic eyes was simply lovely. The way both of the characters tell the story had me completely hooked, and as in love with their love and friendship as they were in love.

Giovanna Fletcher has done it again. I couldn't be more in love with the tale of her second novel. I adore this novel. It felt like I was growing up with the characters throughout the novel. It's sweet, sincere and innocent, and yet heart-breaking and confusing for both me and the characters. It's the most charming read.

Hand Squeezes & Paris,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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