Friday, 6 June 2014

In That Moment

While the world restlessly excited the air around them, they remained intertwined. With tranquillity labelling the air they breathed in unison, a new happiness quickened their heartbeats.

Fiddling with her fingers, he knew the feeling of her head on his chest relieved the pain of reality and truth. In that moment, she was the only truth he believed to be untainted by a single lie. The stars had taken their place in the sky, awake and alert among the darkened picture. He whispered that they should go and watch them. He was thankful when she whispered that she liked the view of them from where they were. If they stayed like that for for ever and a day, he wouldn't complain.

Enchantment closed the distance between the two of them and she felt her heart persistently and happily tell her everything that made a smile linger on her lips like a silly, giggly child. An echo of worries was abandoned like the way the sky disowned the day. Commotion continued, but she was unaware. In that moment, she hoped everything she felt was matched by his quiet. She felt a swarm of wonderful new truths accompany her heartbeat as he lifted her fingers to his lips and planted something mirroring her heart's song on the tip of each finger.

He whispered a secret in her ear and their smiles together were one.

A song of excited contentment passed the time as the two of them remained happily quiet.

Magic travelled around their hearts and she told him that it was the best night; her favourite night. He told her there would be more nights, exactly like this, when this one had flown and another had arrived. She told him that he must promise it, and without even the trepidation of a heartbeat, he promised. She must promise him something though. She would, of course. She must always feel special and if she didn't, she must make sure that she soon did.

People smiled knowingly, but they didn't know anything. She did, and he did, and the stars in the sky did.

Their hearts' harmony told each other the words they didn't dare taint the air with; even if they could hear them singing softly in their ears. A duet of stars hummed, and with the reflection of his heart in her eyes, confirmation was not needed; in that moment, two hearts joined.


"Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief," Nicholas Sparks; The Rescue.

Walks & Benches,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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