Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Make-Up Your Mind

"Am I hiding, or is this just me? Am I not allowed to be who I want to be?"

This wonderful song I've placed above was written by the wonderful Dodie Clark. In the song (which, like all of her originals, is just wonderstruckingly beautiful) she makes it clear that is completely unjust to judge someone for the make-up they wear. There could be many reasons to wear it; just because someone wants to, but also for other reasons, like anxiety. "There's nothing wrong with a little bit of paint."

I think this song has a wonderful message, and as well as this message that I think should be portrayed everywhere, there are others I want to talk about.

Over the years I've heard comments thrown at people who choose to wear make-up. It's always things like someone wearing "too much" make-up, or that the way they have put make-up on their face determines the type of person someone is, much like what "Paint" explains. This isn't cool. People should be able to wear make-up how they wish and be able to experiment with it how they wish without any fear or experience of unnecessary and cruel comments.

I also think it needs to be more widely known that it's completely A-Okay if you don't want to wear make-up! Make-up isn't a "thing" that you have to do as you "grow up". I feel like this is what is thought; like suddenly you have to wear make-up, like you'll have to pay taxes. Make-up is optional! People shouldn't have to wear make-up because they feel they have to.

There's another little branch that comes off of this. If someone feels anxious and wants to wear make-up to feel comfortable, like it says in the song, then that should be totally cool. Of course, if someone feels they'd live a happier life with it, then that is just fine! Yet, it should be known that people shouldn't feel anxious- although that can be easier said than done! In turn, naturally if they feel anxious and don't want to wear make-up, they shouldn't have to. It seems obvious to me from all of these different thoughts that make-up simply is a personal choice.

I watched THIS video a while ago where Bribry also discusses the stigma attached to make-up and ultimately makes it clear how it's a person's decision and it doesn't affect who they are. He also speaks about the fact that he wears make-up and that too is not a problem! *Claps excitedly.* You simply should watch this video because Bribry just says it right!

I wear more make-up some days than others and sometimes none at all. Sometimes I like wearing make-up, sometimes I don't. I don't feel particularly nervous not wearing it, but it sometimes is a habit. There are no reasons for why I personally wear make-up, and so I don't expect to be judged on it.

Ultimately, I think the message of this post is: To wear make-up, to not wear make-up; it's personal choice, and doesn't reflect who someone is, and that's all that matters.

Paint & Pandas,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I became attached to this title even though it may seem contradictory because it might look like I'm telling people what to think like people may be attaching negative thoughts to make-up and inflicting other people's views. I just mean, to anyone who believes make-up determines who someone is or creates any other negative thoughts towards someone because of it, then people should change their mind like people change their make-up! I don't think I explained that very well, but still!

P.P.S. After re-watching Bribry's video, it may look like my ideas are exactly the same, and although they are my views that I created with my own mind, I think that my views reflecting the views in these videos shows how important this message is!

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