Sunday, 27 January 2013

Thanks Carrie!

So I wrote a song because of Carrie Hope Fletcher who I think is awesome and who has...*tries to word so it doesn't sound lame*...inspired me (more in this if you read on):

Tangled, based on Rapunzel has been one of my favourite films since it was released; it is Disney at its best (as it always is!). I love the soundtrack and Flynn Rider has my heart! Carrie Hope Fletcher is also one of my favourite youtubers. Not only is she an incredible song-writer and has a b-e-a-utiful voice, she once posted a video called "Dare To Suck" (here is a link to it: and it summed up me. I'm "too scared" about a lot of a things and especially when it comes to things that I've personally created; I presume this applies to a lot of people.

From being inspired by the video, I sat down and did what I do best: watched a movie and cried over the parts most people don't (for example where Rapunzel saves herself and Flynn from almost drowning with her magical hair) and yes, I watched Tangled. In my head, at the same time, Carrie's tremendous thoughts were flying around my brain. Nothing, I know (and this isn't me being a pessimist - dreaming and pursuing dreams should be everyone's aim) will come of my lyrics/songs, but that was never necessarily the aim. I want to share my thoughts in the way of song (this now sounds like a Disney movie) just for myself (although I'd love for others to enjoy them!). On with the wee story: I sat down at my keyboard and wrote a little song about myself and how I don't let myself dream (about things ranging from entering myself into a competition to putting my songs up somewhere) and it was due to Carrie Hope Fletcher. I, from my positive-thinking about things I do, submitted a different song to a song-writing competition and got to the semi-finals so thanks Carrie!

Although I wrote the lyrics, I somewhat feel they were due to Carrie's wisdom!

Gumdrops & Glitter,
A Hopeful for life,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

(Raise your pinkies to the sky!)

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