Monday, 28 January 2013

One Perfect Summer: One Perfect Novel

I fall for fictional characters with a click of a finger. Your typical sensitive, romantic type? Your heart-wrenchingly butch, strong-minded type? I'm sold. However the heartthrob in One Perfect Summer, by Paige Toon, is far (and yet ticks all of the boxes of the features above) from your stereotypical dreamy lad and yet he is up there with all of my favourites! Joe's eyebrow-ring, handsome looks and rock-style makes him not "just a boy" and hence sets me up for an inevitable crash into his and Dyson's (his loyal companion and best friend) world.

This is not all about the fictional boy who became more and more part of my life with every turn of a page, however. Alice, vulnerable, yet incredibly strong is relatable beyond belief. As she attempts to overcome a first love, a magical summer, I, the reader attempts to fall out of love with Joe too. I understand Alice's impossible task and join her in the adventure of her life changing throughout many years.

This is the perfect chick-lit, yet the drama within the twist and turns resulted in me reading it in a day!

I wrote some lyrics inspired by the awesome book:

Princes & Dandelions,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. i love that song........i write songs to.but not those that are related to love ........i'll try writing 'em too................i see lots of love songs interesting ..............nowadays...........


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