Monday, 16 November 2015

Winter Thoughts

It's one of those nights where I am under my duvet getting work done and thinking about blog things, hoping I also have the time to read a few chapters of the current book I am reading. The rain is singing against my window and it's one of those sounds that I adore accompanying me on evenings like this.

Autumn seems to be turning quickly into winter. Although I'm not sure of the scientific proof behind this statement, I feel less surrounded by autumnal colours and my hands are feeling far colder and far more in need of a pair of gloves. I always note that summer is my favourite season and on a walk to town last week, I noted how true this was when I was particularly cold and particularly ungrateful for feeling quite so cold. Then, on the way back from town, I realised that I was enjoying the cold (and I don't think it got warmer!). Above me was a blue sky, and the chill felt refreshing rather than biting.

There can be a lot of warmth found in the cold, and we always, every year, remind ourselves of this when we are threatened with much colder nights: jumpers; scarves; hot chocolate; blankets; cosy films. With music on in the background, I am adoring finishing a day with my blog (my best friend in web-form) and some warm, winter thoughts.

I have a lot of university work to get ahead of at the moment and the knowledge that making this possible comes with the help of all of the warm, wintery activities that will help ease the stress when workload is getting tough. I've been a bit rubbish with reading in the last month and a half, and with this comes the happiness I know is ahead of me in many stories. I want to finish 2015 on a reading high and reading in the warmth of a duvet is one of my all-time favourite winter activities.

When homesickness becomes a little stronger than normal, the thought of being home at Christmastime with my friends and family makes my heart feel only warmth. I am very grateful for the cosiness that lives at home. So, today, on a particularly wintery night I bring you a few, simple but sincere thoughts that are often written in a similar way on my blog. I must remain humble and grateful and these posts warm me because of this.

Duvets & Blankets,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I can't help but express how devastating and heart-breaking it is that so many people, due to recent disgusting attacks, will only be experiencing the cold side to winter and to those, and everyone else in the world alike, I send warm thoughts and hopes. I wish all of those suffering for many upsetting reasons to stay strong.

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