Sunday, 15 November 2015

Please Let Cruelty Stop

I didn't post on Friday when I meant to (once again disobeying my schedule), but after the disgustingly inhumane events in the last few days, I'm starting to realise that I can't apologise overly for things like accidentally forgetting/not having the time to blog. For goodness' sake, the ways of this world is breaking my heart and I can't help but think us people who are feeling bad about small things such as not meeting a deadline we don't have to make in the first place (plus a million other things), need to put this energy into something else (although I naturally understand our reasoning). And so today I am writing a post to show my support for everyone and anyone affected by these disgusting events that have been on the news and, well, been in innocent peoples' lives.

In fear of missing out one of the cruel, recent events but with the knowledge that I am sending love to all countries and cities that have been targeted, I'm going to not name any countries/cities affected but show my love for all affected recently, and before too, by terrorism and absolute barbarity.

We have this precious, beautiful home called Earth and we treat it with disrespect every day, and of course we'd all rather these events of brutality didn't happen, but the unity we have seen and felt has been beautiful. It's been so reassuring to see good thoughts and wishes absolutely everywhere because terrorism and acts of violence in general must always be condemned. They must always be fought with good.

My sincere and hopeful thoughts and wishes goes out to all those that have died, been injured, experienced the traumatic events and have relations to those affected. I, like so many mourn with you and cannot imagine the devastation that is being felt.

Of course, it must be said that all of the ignorant views that have upsettingly been broadcasted since the attacks must also be fought against. To make this world nicer, not only do these acts of cruelty need to stop, but the stereotyping, racism and disgusting views targeted at religions must stop. 

Please let cruelty stop.

Love & Wishes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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