Monday, 30 November 2015

I Feel You Blogmas, I Know I've Found You

With also the admiration of my love of the Christmas song, Where are you Christmas presented, I bring to the blog the announcement that I will be participating, once again, in Blogmas!

One of my favourite ways of celebrating Christmas is through this wonderful blogging challenge. Not only does it make me feel festive because it is done in the name of Santa Claus's Season but because I feel that this happy festivity will bring me such joy because it focusses around one of my favourite hobbies, writing. My Blogmas game was weak last year, but I plan on redeeming myself this year.

And what is Blogmas? It is this: I will be posting a blog post a day from tomorrow until Christmas Day. The Girl in the Moonlight will see 24 consecutive posts and I, like always, challenge myself to adore every post. To love the message I'm sending or to adore the characters I create. I want to write any review with complete clarity and I want to bring festivities to the blog with complete compatibility with The Girl in the Moonlight. Last year I set myself some reading and creative writing challenges and it kind of failed so I'm not going to do that again because I have realised I am just not in a place for rules at the moment!

The beginning of this month brought a hopeful blogger with a schedule... and I sucked. Oops. Oops. Let's move on. However, 2015 has brought me the most calm and adoring feeling when I am partnered with my blog. I'm most proud of this year's blog (although I hold such pride with 2014 and 2013 too!). I feel like I've really found my blog this year. There are so many parts of 2013/2014 The Girl in the Moonlight that have contributed to this and parts of those years that I need to incorporate more to my current blog, but all the same I adore this year's blog and I can't wait to finish it with Blogmas and then the end of year posts!

Fill your blog with love.

Christmas Jumpers & Christmas Hats,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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