Monday, 9 November 2015

The Bare Necessities

I've been thinking a lot about that lovely little song from The Jungle Book recently. The Bare Necessities is such a brilliant song, not simply because it has me singing from the word go but because it encourages us all to relax and realise what it is we need to be happy. I adore this concept of making sure we cherish these simple, simple things that can often make us the happiest version of ourselves.

It has occurred to me tonight that we can sometimes only remember to find these bare necessities when we have a holiday. Whether that's simply a holiday off of working or school or a holiday to a place, we only recognise what makes us happy and tranquil when we're so obviously surrounded by it. We look forward to these holidays (as we should) for these aspects, forgetting that we can incorporate these holiday feelings every single day.

My versions of all of the little things that make me deliriously happy are all of the things I do in my downtime; all of the things I treat myself to; all of the things that make my heart happy. We deserve to experience these things even when life is hard and we are struggling or we have made bad choices, so long as we are finding ways to carry on and say we are sorry and do what we can to make things right. The bare necessities are how we can find happiness today.


She cuddles into her favourite jumper, wraps a blanket around her body and pulls out her laptop to knees. She brings up a page to write her thoughts and her fingers become animated with everything sincere. She la la las along to McFly and talks for hours to her best friend. When she's lost in a world that is different to home, the bare necessities are obvious and precious. They are what guide her always.

Hot Chocolate & Books,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Recently Carrie Hope Fletcher covered this awesome song (you can see and listen to its beauty HERE) and showcased some of her bare necessities alongside it. It inspired this post and it is more than worth a watch!

P.P.S. After creating a goals post to declare my blogging schedule, I messed it up straight away. However I was so so ill that I physically couldn't do a lot. We all need to remember to remove pressure when we know there is just too much on top of us and this is what I did..

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