Wednesday, 11 November 2015

That Advert You May Have Heard Of

I normally try and hold off talking about Christmas on the blog until December rolls about, however with the beautiful message the 2015 John Lewis advert has taught us, I feel like it must be reinforced as early as possible so it is etched in our minds for and after Christmas!

Not only does the advert create this lovely picturesque Christmas with all of the lights and fun and festivities, but we, of course, have that message that I'm going to be adoring a lot in this post. Let's now put aside the argument that the "Show someone they're loved this Christmas" slogan is to match up with "...with gifts from our store" (because of course it is: It's an advert FOR John Lewis) and look at the real message we have to understand.

So, the premise of Man on the Moon is that the excitement the girl is experiencing comes from trying to communicate with a man she can see on the moon with her telescope- a man she understands to be very lonely. She tries and tries to talk to him, becoming so entranced with the idea of making him less lonely by getting in contact with him. Christmas festivities jingle on and then finally, the girl contacts the man on the moon and sends him a telescope as a present, thereby meaning he will be less lonely.

Firstly I adore the excitement the girl feels- she loves the idea of helping someone. We of course interpret the moon as a metaphor for the loneliness many people feel at Christmas and the telescope as a means of reaching out and helping those that aren't as lucky as, well, me! I, as a viewer therefore take this advert as a suggestion to think of the elderly and people in general who are alone at Christmas, and naturally those who are in need and can't experience the Christmas that I do. Not only this but we must appreciate those around us who deserve our love and our care.

The overall message of this advert is so important. Of course we need to think about those who are less fortunate than us- and in turn, if we can, do something! Pick a charity that means a lot to you and donate what you can, or spend a little more time with your nan, or learn more about charities for the elderly and find a way to help. Show your love to your family and friends and spread this message.

Show someone they're loved this Christmas.

Jumpers & Hats,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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