Monday, 20 October 2014

A Blank Page

Everything was once nothing, right?

Today I wanted to sit down and try a different way of writing. I wanted to sit with a blank page in front of me and just write; no previously planned thoughts. No idea that encouraged this post. Just this. Nothingness. So here I am.

There was a starting point for us all. Before that, what were we? Something that didn't exist, waiting to happen. It's like a friendship; a relationship; a career; a new haircut. Since the beginning of my best friend's existence, she didn't anticipate our friendship. Nor did I. The happening of it was built up over a period of time we didn't know each other; even when we did, there was a time we didn't vow our friendship on a bracelet around our wrists.

It's funny, really.

At this point in time, I'm viewing my existence on a piece of paper I'm picturing in my mind. I was a blank piece of paper to begin with; well before I was a thing- whenever that is. And then, I was a thing. Bit by bit my piece of paper was accompanied by little scribbles; the little scribbles of a little being. Maybe I couldn't talk, couldn't express an opinion; but I wasn't a blank page anymore. I was a thing, with a story. As I grew older, my page began to fill up until one side was complete. What happened next? I filled up the other side. And then another page. And the back again.

Eighteen now, and I'm a fair few pages down the line. I'm starring in my own novella, if you like. I'd open the front page and see the beginnings; my date of birth; my first word; what became my favourite food. Chapters down the line, and I'm beginning to be what could resemble an adult (scary!). Now I'm learning lots of new things about life; experiencing new things. My original blank page is horizons away. Light years away.

Everything takes time. Takes work.

Our pages don't just fill up. We don't just become a story line. Tomorrow can throw an obstacle in our direction. That's what makes us who we are. All of our pages tell a different story; different happenings. Those happenings make up the personality that glitters over our once blank pages. Give yourself all the time in the world to make your pages something wonderful; a piece to be proud of.

We all start as blank pages, right? But straight away we're a song; a story; a film.

A Blank Page & A Pen,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


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