Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Letter To Autumn

Dear Autumn,

Chillier days and chillier nights have arrived. Leaves are here, there and everywhere, in their beauty and individuality. The sky can be bright, but it can be grey. Clouds and rain are accompanying me again. They're friendly so far. Something to giggle about. Something to smile warmly at. Autumn, I do love summer. But I'm enjoying an extra layer, and anticipate with a childish grin, the day I wear my first jumper. The day I wear gloves for the first time since summer was official. You're a good friend, Autumn.

Autumn, I've been filled with new prospects. Very good ones. My summer was one I'll never forget, for it was filled with only joy. But it's action time now. Action time, while still engulfing my life with the love and laughter of my friends from home. Action time, while embracing new friends and new memories to come. Autumn, I'm excited. But I'm nervous too.

Ah, I do love watching an Autumn scene from my window. It's misty so I can't see beyond it; it holds a million mysteries and stories. Raindrops are performing their slow, pretty dance. They're happy and calm. With a cup of tea in my hand, I'm happy and calm too.

Autumn, you, I believe, bring lots of evidence of "home" and its meaning. You're making it clear as the orange leaves to me. I think about it a lot. How much I miss the feeling of "home" that I've momentarily left in a different location; how I'm building a new feeling of "home" in my new physical home. I'm learning to attach my new routine to the feeling of fondness; learning to hold the word "home" to the way I'm living; excited to call new people "home". My old "home" is still my current "home"; I'm lucky to have two.

I love hot chocolate, Autumn. Hot chocolate with cream and mini marshmallows and shavings of chocolate. But a simple hot chocolate - milk and powder - can really save the day. Just taking a sip is like having a warm conversation with a very good friend. It's a type of happiness I treasure.

Autumn, you're a friendly season. Yes, a bit colder; a bit damper, but your intentions are well received. You make coming into the warm create a knowing grin and sparkling eyes. You make me and my brother talk of our fondness for the chillier atmosphere; make us laugh at our dragon breath in the morning. You bring happy memories of childhood and sweetness and laughing with my family. You bring me nostalgia that makes tears form in my eyes. But I love you for it.

Orange & Red Leaves,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. HERE is the start of Carrie Hope Fletcher's Letters To Autumn series of videos that inspired me to write this.

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