Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Summer Dreams Ripped at the Seams

Summer has been fab this year. College has been tough and stressful but so worth it and I've spent this summer feeling nothing but chilled. I've never been bored and I've also appreciated days where I've just eaten sweets and watched films. We've also had lovely skies like this:

Summer dreams ripped at the seams... Back to college I must go.

Although I have that horrible "ugh it's time to go back", grey-sky feeling about my second year at college, I am motivated. I'm feeling the fear of the year to come, but I'm excited. As I'm feeling both ends of the spectrum, it means I can work hard to reduce my fear but also not forget to enjoy the fun parts of college that will happen this year. Although I'll have exams and stress, I'll also have days out and nights with friends and this can't be forgotten amongst the mist of notes and panic. These are the things that will make it bearable. Getting everything sorted for university will, in turn make me motivated to get the grades that I need.

Aims for this year:

- I must read more. Although I've made time to read this year, I've not read as much as I would do and so when I'm a bit tired, instead of complaining and moping, I shall read! In turn, some of these books will be ones that will help with my university course.
- Prepare for university. This is so important. I've got my places figured out but I need to understand each different university course as well as booking everything I need.
- Ultimately I have to work my mismatched socks off. There's no more to it other than: I cannot disappoint myself.
- I need to learn not to publish a post if I'm not happy with it. I've been so focused on making sure I publish regularly (three times a week), that I sometimes overlook the fact I'm not happy with the post. Planning what I'm going to publish when has definitely helped with this as it means I know what posts need to be done and I have ages to think about it.

I wrote a post in the middle of July about That Feeling. I said that I hoped the feeling would stay with me and, all summer, it did. I have had the best summer and I am so sad it's over - so sad - but life goes on and all that.

Blue Skies & Fluffy Clouds,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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