Wednesday, 25 September 2013

McFly, Galaxy Defenders and Royal Albert Hall

So, last Thursday I saw - yes, you guessed it - McFly. I saw my four favourite guys perform their hearts out at the Royal Albert Hall at one of their four special concerts.

I didn't believe I was going beforehand; it seemed so unbelievable that I was seeing my favourite band's 10th anniversary concert. I was on the train, grinning my way through the journey, bobbing up and down to McFly in my ears before I was finally at the Royal Albert Hall; the beautiful building where the people who I have adored for more of my life than I haven't were about to rock my face off - or maybe my socks, I'm not too sure.

Sat in my seat, merchandise bought, I was ready.

It was time.

We all stood.

And then the tears.

From the very start it was emotional; I was in floods as celebrities and fans said their "well done"s and "thank you"s on the screen and then they played early songs and my emotion heightened. They went through the perfect set, toying easily with my emotions and I loved it.

Everything about it was perfect. I was in a place full of nothing but Galaxy Defenders, people exactly like me, holding on to every last note that was sung and every last beat that was beat and every last moment of the most perfect night. Of course, Busted performing with McFly was, well, fantabulous. It was such a crazy atmosphere when they came on, memories and excitement buzzing off each particle in the room. McFly really took me down a fabulous tour down memory lane and a slight peak into the wonderful future of McFly.

It's time to talk about Love is on the Radio.

Love is on the Radio is McFly's upcoming single and I saw it performed for the first time on stage and I love the song so dang much. I haven't stopped listening to it. I love the Texas-inspired-twang, the lyrics, the melody and most of all that McFly are so content with their music and I'll tell you something for sure: so are every McFly fan and I.

Being in a room with all of these people just like me was electrifying. A few times I looked back at the crowd and the pride and happiness I felt was unreal. These people were singing like never before, just like me, hands in the air, feeling the best feeling in their stomachs, just like me.

The anticipation for these concerts has been like nothing before. McFly's excitement and passion for the show was reflected before and during the concert and it made it that kind of special that's hard to write in words. It was a show where everything from the last ten years was as obvious as McFly's happiness. Reflecting on the last decade was incredible and Tom's creation: McFly The Musical allowed us all to laugh and cry and appreciate that we love the best band in the galaxy. Tom sung and showed how much McFly means to him, reflecting just how much it means to us.

Thank you so much McFly for the most incredible show. I can't wait for the next for ever.

Violins & Opera Singing,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. I'm trying so hard with adding pictures to my blog - I know this one is, well... wonky, but the Leaning Tower of Pisa is beautiful so I've just adjusted the prestigious Royal Albert Hall for this post!

The last time I saw McFly!


  1. Ahhh, I saw them perform live for the first time this year and even though I don't think I'm as big a fan as you are, they were so amazing! I can't believe what it must have been like at the Royal Albert Hall though! It was definitely one of the best nights of my life though, it's so crazy how far they've come as a band. Did you go on your own? :) xx

    1. Awesome! :D Yes, they are soooooo incredible live it's insane! I know right; they've achieved so much, it makes me overly emotional! I went with a buddy of mine :-) Best night ever.

  2. I stumbled across your blog through Zoella, and was at the exact same concert! I cried even more when Busted came on because literally my childhood on stage all at one time omg xx

    1. Yay, this is awesome! It was an incredible moment! :-)

  3. I saw them at the Sunday night show and it was so incredible! I've loved them since the start but for various reasons this was the first time I've seen them since one of the first shows they did! I cried my eyes out all the way through, especially during Heart Never Lies. Glad you had a great time :) x


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