Monday, 13 July 2015

Surrounding Myself with Me

A lesson from 18th June 2015

I am a strong believer in living for love and happiness (despite my pessimistic tendencies), but I have learnt a lesson about the necessity of surrounding myself with things or values simply for me. Its importance has lead to a post being written late at night, fueled with emotion.

I realised today that I need to start doing a lot more for me. I am feeling a bit gutted and frustrated and as if a lot of love I have put in has been soured with some nasty words. They do say that good things come from lessons learned. Sometimes it is hard to ignore a bit of old fashioned self pity. I think I have acknowledged a good dose of it today. Sometimes we try and try and work very hard and it can feel like it has gone unnoticed when something happens; something is said. We think, "Why do we bother with them/that at all?" Of course we should bother! We care! We love! We do! And I will continue to. But who is that other person I need to focus on? Me, me, me.

This may sound like a bitter post but I am completely refreshed from its lesson. I aim to make sure my mind is at ease when I feel particularly targeted; if I feeling like I have been done wrong, I will put my thoughts across (of course, pleasantly). I will make lots of time for my running, for me! I will bake cakes and read my book- for me! I love packing my summer with doing loads with my friends, and I will! But I am finding lots of me time, and I refuse to feel taken for granted by anyone. It is time to start saying no when my own happiness is at risk.

I am going to surround myself in stuff and people that make me happy, being here for all of the people I know appreciate my efforts.

I am going to be surrounding myself with me!

As I want this summer (and life afterwards) to be the best yet, I am happy at the conclusion that has been drawn from an emotional day.

A Few Tears & A Moving on Smile,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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