Friday, 17 July 2015

No Unlikely Friendships

Naturally, there are some friendly relationships that shouldn't be formed between some people, however, putting any horrible scenarios aside, I want to focus on friendships that should never deserve any cynicism. In my life (ignoring any negative concepts), I never want to not make friends because it would be an "unlikely friendship"; I want such a concept not to exist in my life.

The concept of an "unlikely friendship" should be banished from our minds as early as possible (with natural caution in some areas- can we just consider this idea throughout the whole post so I don't repeat myself quite so much?). I have definitely seen, growing up, that the concept of an "unlikely friendship" is well known by most at school. Some girls steered clear of other girls, likewise with boys, and likewise in general. Ah, it's so frustrating!

Of course, I applied the concept as a child too. I knew I wouldn't be particularly close to the naughty kids, but I wasn't unkind to them- I didn't necessarily have an issue with them! Sometimes I WAS even friends with them because they weren't bad people, I wasn't afraid to express my disapproval (oo la la!) and I would never have given into peer pressure if I was put in that particular situation. All the same, maybe I could have formed better friendships with some of them, under certain circumstances... We may never know!

So. My point is this. I have a 19-year-old-female-best-friend; I have a 19-year-old-male-best-friend; I meet up with the-kindest-man-I-have-ever-met who happens to be 40 years older than me every now and then; I natter with a 65 year old lady a few times a week; I go on outings with my brother. Etc. Etc.

When these friendships are so sincere and so fulfilling to be a part of, why would I ever consider any good person not to be a potential friend?

This is a bit of a "let's hold hands a sing around a campfire" kind of post, but my last two posts could be seen as negative (although I learnt lessons I am happy about!), and I think the world would be very smiley if we all just got on. We can dream, ay!

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