Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Just. Be. Respectful.

This post comes from a frustrated blogger at people's blind rudeness!

So, I have this best friend. A person I think so highly of, and see all of their amazing qualities. I am not the only person who sees his sincerity and loveliness. The things other people definitely see is his kindness, his generosity and his loyalty. If you're picturing this completely lovely person that I am trying to explain to you, you can understand why I am so encouraged to put this potent message across as one of his closest friends completely disrespected him: Just. Be. Respectful.

It is true that when we are so close to certain people, in a moment of stupidity, a person's worth is belittled by ourselves. (I'm talking about those times that are silly- we said something that eventually hurts us more than them.) Normally, when it is something that is so not worth horrible things happening from this moment of stupidity, we apologise. We are red faced. And we know that they know that we definitely did not mean what we said.

All the same, some people take it too far. Too far.

My lovely, sincere, sweet, kind-hearted, gentle best friend is thought of this highly by his close friend that was, well, vile to him. Let's call my best friend, just that: Best Friend. Let's call his close friend, Mildly Frustrating Person (I completely respect the guy normally, but he has been ever so slightly - actually, incredibly - rude).

So, Mildly Frustrating Person seems to be an A* student at just assuming they know best about Best Friend's life. And this is not the first time. (Side note: they predicted their predictions incorrectly.) Mildly Frustrating Person continued to be very childish by continously messaging Best Friend, thinking Best Friend was ignoring him and not replying out of rudeness, in turn Mildly Frustating Person then deciding he had a right to be angry. Meanwhile Best Friend was at work, being my lovely, lovely best friend. Best Friend had no idea how to approach the situation, feeling very uncomfortable and a bit gutted.

The text above doesn't exactly portray the situation, but I don't think it's my place to say exactly what happened- as long as my point is put across, I am happy. Basically, now, Mildly Frustrating Person is not having the decency to admitting wrong and Best Friend is upset, despite having been lovely, lovely.

We all need to start remembering everyone has other things in their life, whether that be people or work or hobbies and we are not people who deserve replies and silly things like that at the speed of light from the people who love us most.

The moral of the story is this - because at the end of the day, with things like this, we all misjudge things - we all get a bit blinded and forget how good someone is when it comes to silly things. We all have different priorities and whatnot. Assume there is a good reason for something this silly if you believe someone to be genuine and kind and good to you!

Because trust me, Best Friend treats Mildly Frustrating Peron awesomely.

A Bear & A Photo,

The Girl in the Moonlight,

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