Monday, 3 November 2014


NB: I'm about to fangirl all over the screen.

McBusted's film, Tourplay follows the six guys on their 2014 tour. It has golden snippets of backstage-ness and plays certain songs from one of the O2 performances and their summer Hyde Park concert. The film is gorgeously fun and warming to the heart to see the guys and their bond; their hard work and want to perform and enjoy their job.

The only way I can describe McBusted's friendship is by thinking about when I used to go on sleepovers and my friends and I were in our element; having ultimate laughs and giggles and a fab time. McBusted are showing themselves to be living this excitement every day. And they portrayed it beautifully when I saw them live; easily reflected whilst watching Tourplay. Honestly, when the performances were shown, it felt like they were there. (In an awesome flux-capacitor-transporting-me-from-one-concert-to-another kind of way.)

Tourplay gave me a wonderfully homely feeling. It made me super proud to be a supporter of the guys because their excitement just makes them completely worthy of success. I loved re-living the tour and seeing the work that went into it; the friendship of theirs; their ridiculous talent.

You can pre-order the Tourplay DVD which also includes McBusted live at the O2 HERE which is released on 24th November.

Blimey, I am craving a McBusted concert.

Flux Capacitors & Doodles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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