Friday, 7 November 2014

An Autumnal Scene

Today I went for a run, and the autumn-ness was so beautifully, blindly obvious, I had to absorb every little orange and red and brown detail; whether it be the actual autumn features, or simply the autumnal feel that I was indulging in- and by the looks of it, other people were too!

As my feet took on a slightly quicker dance to the slightly chillier afternoon compared to afternoons I had become accustomed to over summer, they became friends with the plethora of leaves becoming friends with each other on the ground. Red, orange, yellow, green, brown. As my eyes grinned from autumnal detail to autumnal detail, I found my excited seeing-machines look to the sky. It was blue. Simply blue. If I were inside and had no knowledge of seasons, and the heating was on, I'd think, "Hey, what a gorgeous summer day."

But no, the chill. It's not a nasty chill; a bite from a bully's mouth. It's warming, somehow. Not in a literal way, but in a friendly, gorgeous way. The pavement was also a little damp. But not too damp. It glowed a little under the sun; like the ground was smiling up at the sky, wishing it a good day. Around me people were smiling. Autumn was their friend too.

And all around me were joggers; walkers; cyclists. All going about their lives; either conscious of or oblivious to the pleasant day that was autumn. Either way, people seemed happy; smiley. In love with the day and its offerings. It was good company to a run that made me calm and happy. I saw other people in good company; with actual people, or autumn itself.

It did, though, rain. I actually laughed. For so long I had admired the summery-esque feeling of the day, and it rained. "Of course," I thought. But I couldn't resent it. I actually liked it. It was a light shower. A little reminder of its uniqueness to winter, spring and summer. But autumn smiled while it proved its point.

Running to surroundings such as these was a calming experience. Sweet, too. It made me want my run not to end- but it did, of course. Yet, it has made me excited for my next one- and the one after that. And all of the ones until winter will well and truly become my friend.

Magic & Cake Decorations,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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