Friday, 14 November 2014

New Things

I've recently started university, and with the new atmosphere, routine and experience, comes a lot of new things, feelings and emotions.

New things can be scary; daunting; exciting. I experienced all of these feelings before coming to university and once I got here, I experienced them all over again. I've never feared new things, but once they have passed the "approaching" stage and are actually in front of me, ready to begin, I can begin to become nervous.

I decided a couple of years ago to embrace the nerves and swap them for an open attitude and a willingness to embrace a new thing. Despite the excitement I was feeling for university, I had an attachment to things I associate with home (really, it was the people that surrounded me) and it made me spend a long time just wanting to be home. It made it hard to embrace university completely, but I did try my hardest all the same.

I didn't feel homesick, I felt peoplesick.

I missed so many people, and alongside that, the routine of seeing those close to me.

However, being surrounded by other people experiencing a similar or the very same experience, was more than comforting.

More than that, I had some sort of routine again. Okay, my uni experience isn't the 9-3 school/college thing, but it's also not the summer "dowhatIwant" (within reason) routine. This new routine, along with looking after myself, has been something I have been enjoying (despite how nostalgic I am about my previous summer). Going home was an awesome time. Home made me feel homely and people made me feel homely.

New things are a lot of feelings and emotions mixed up it one. I hope to embrace new things as much as I can in a moment where I'm thinking of other things.

Yellows & Greens,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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