Friday, 21 November 2014

Air Guitar - McBusted

Flashback to last September and McFly's 10th Anniversary Royal Albert Hall shows: McBusted come on stage performing Year 300, Air Hostess and Shine A Light. Childish excitement written in each of their smiles, their happiness was undeniable. This excitement is mirrored in everything the six of them are doing right now.

On 23rd November, McBusted will release their first single: Air Guitar. I really super-ly duper-ly love it! It is everything you'd expect from McFly plus Busted plus a supergroup that are having the time of their life. It's fun and quirky, and it is everything McBusted should stand for.

You can pre-order it HERE on iTunes or order the CD bundle HERE.

Above is the video for Air Guitar, mixed in with the definition of McBusted. It's all very refreshing.

Karaoke & An Air Guitar,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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