Monday, 8 September 2014

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love - Jill Mansell

Since reading An Offer You Can't Refuse by Jill Mansell (which you can read my review of HERE), I couldn't wait to read another one of her sunshiny novels. I was excited by the run up to the release of The Unpredictable Consequences of Love and so knew this should be my next read.

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love follows the lives of Sophie and Josh; Sophie's struggle to move on from a secret that darkened her life, and Josh who wants to find a way to convince Sophie that she can trust him. Yet, it also follows the lives of Riley, Tula, Marguerite, Dot and Lawrence. It is like the Love Actually of books and I love it.

I would have adored this book no matter what time of year I read it, but it felt wonderfully fitting to read in the summer, what with the beautiful beach and the warm days. I love this book because it's every favourite sweet of mine enveloped in Jill Mansell's words. It's funny, honest and heart-warming.

Sophie is one of those characters you have to admire, and in turn yearn for her to forgive herself and lead a happy life. With her ambition to thrive in the world of her photography business while pleasing her customers, Sophie is a heroine in her own right (not because her selflessness could be seen to be down to her sad secret, but because of the happiness she gets from succeeding in her job).

Like I imagined, The Unpredictable Consequences of Love is packed with punches of comedy and lighthearted smiles. Amongst the secrets and betrayal of St. Carys, fond chatter and jokes make the novel gorgesouly delightful.

I adore books that follow loads of different characters' stories, and this novel taught me a lot through all of the different characters' stories. It taught me about trust, protecting others, selflessness, forgiveness, acceptance of wrongdoing, consequenly leading to moving on.

Now I'm ready to read another Jill Mansell novel!

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Recently I said I was only going to be posting twice a week as I couldn't keep up with three times, but sadly, until I work on my scheduling properly, I'm going to be posting on a Monday only. I can't wait to sort this out.

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