Monday, 1 September 2014


The feeling of "home", feeling content and warm and fuzzy is one I enjoy.

Home is a Friday night with my family. Home is a book and my quilt. It's being around people who bring out the best parts of me. It's seeing McFly live and spending a day with my brother. It's happy and content nerves, and unexpected smiles after sadness. It's the feeling of resting after working hard. Home is a sunny run and a calm stroll. It's making people smile and others making me smile. It's sharing a joke with a friend. It's an unexpected plan and the anticipation towards an event that has been planned for a while. Home is easily talking to someone. It's a clear blue sky in April, a rainy summer day and the sun peaking at snow through fluffy white clouds of winter. Home is tea, biscuits and a film. It's evenings with my best friends and enjoying something I didn't expect to. It's the feeling of fuzziness and conversations with special people. Happiness is barbeques, silly conversations, trips to the seaside and walks. It's sharing good news with those I love and helping them or those helping me when things aren't the brightest. It's hope and happiness and knowing that beyond the rain there are rainbows.

"Home isn't a place, it's a feeling," - Cecelia Ahern.

I wrote this a few months ago, and now, with university approaching, feeling homely is wonderful, but I hope, not in jeopardy. Days and evenings with friends and family; a book in my bedroom; a few hours on my blog; a walk in the recently chilly evenings; everything counts. I'm naturally going to feel a bit out of place when I get to university, but so will many. With things and memories to keep me feeling at home, while I share my days with new people that will hopefully soon make me feel homely, I'm nervously excited for my new adventure. I believe "home" isn't a place, and so I can't wait to find another "home" at university.

Coming back to my home at certain points in breaks is going to be a wonderful, homely feeling, I just know. Right now I'm soaking up the last couple of weeks of my home; everyone close to me. It's such a lovely feeling.

What's "home" to you?

Family & Friends,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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