Monday, 15 September 2014

Grey Clouds

I remember when I first learnt about pathetic fallacy; a mood or feeling or event resembling the weather. I thought sometimes, it really does exist. Today is one of those days.

Outside the sky is grey; if you ignored the surroundings and took yourself out of them for just a moment, you could be in a black and white movie. It's a little cold, and any hope of a little burst of warmth before we're into autumn is probably a little farfetched. At least it seems that way. All the while, the most perfect summer I just had is playing in my head; like watching loads of photographs flash past my eyes really quickly; I can't help but feel a little solemn about leaving my home; my friends; my family; those closest to me. It's almost university time.

Outside the sky is grey; inside my bedroom walls, I'm feeling a little sad.

I'm going to miss home; miss my friends, and family; those who mean a lot to me. I'm going to miss so much. I'm going to miss pizza nights with my friends; evening trips out; laughing a ridiculous amount with those closest to me; being silly with my brother; dinners with my family.

It's not that I'm not excited for university. I really am. Independence, new thigs and people, learning and furthering myself. It's going to be awesome. Yet, the people I'm surrounded by every day have been a routine for the last eighteen years. As have my suroundings. A few things have changed; new people, new places, but it's been fundamentally the same.

I've had the best summer I could possibly imagine, surrounded by smiles and laughter, love and friendship. *Prepares to break out into song.* Right now I'm just feeling a bit solemn and reflective. When something has been so good, it's hard to say goodbye; even if it's not a goodbye. Because it's not.

I will enjoy this change. It may be hard to adjust, but I'm excited too.

So right now, I'm sat on my bed, listening to Ed Sheeran, anticipation causing a slight lump in my throat, a little dampness in my eyes. Of course I'm excited, but right now I'm sad. While Thinking Out Loud is playing, everything is all a bit emotional. Cheesy line needed? I can see a little sun peeking through the clouds right now. I'm nervously excited.

Biscuits & Juice,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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