Friday, 17 June 2016

Rainy Day Writing

I've had a lot of ideas for blog posts I want to write for a very long time now and yet when I've logged on to my blog I have been searching for different ideas to write about. And I like this. Today I will be writing a post that isn't one I have been planning to write which means I have lots more ideas to fulfil another day. And this thought brought me to this very post. Why I love writing. And so my first of many reasons that I just can't cover in one post for loving writing is that writing brings me endless ideas. It might not always feel like it but sometimes I'm so constantly inspired and ready that I feel like I have a lot of support behind me- presented by the ideas I have to write in the future!

Processing events - no matter how big or small - that I feel like I need to process are always best dealt with through writing. Whether it's on the blog or a piece of paper, if I'm happy/stressed/sad/inspired or any other kind of emotion, the best outlet for me is writing about it or because of it. Writing is especially helpful if I don't feel like talking is necessary or I've said all I want to say about something.

Writing is my version of someone else's singing; dancing; cooking. It's my version of someone else's writing. Writing is mine. And it's different to someone else's version. It's just one of my things. I love writing because I have my own special and personal experience with it. It's my way of unwinding and having fun. It's an experience I could never fully explain to someone else- not even in this post! I can't explain the joy it brings me. That's something only my pieces of writing and I know!

Writing is one of the effective methods of communication I choose. Some would choose dancing or singing or speaking. My favourite form to use is writing. To channel passion/adoration/happiness/frustration. It's once again an endless process. Whatever I want to do, I get to do!

Just to finish the post I'll tell you the main thing I have loved about writing today... Writing on a rainy day. Is there anything better?! It's a bit chilly; a bit rainy; a lotta grey. My head was getting a bit clouded with the many things I need to get done and I knew I was experiencing a headache brought on by me obsessing with thinking about it. So I headed over to my best friend, The Girl in the Moonlight and told her all about it. And now my headache has gone. Thank you rainy day, for making me all snug while I type, type, type away!

Rainy & Writing Days,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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