Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Biting One's Tongue

I feel like I have recently come across people and situations that have caused a feeling I find super ugly to feel- a specific version of frustrated and angry. I get worked up, whether I make it clear or not. If I settle my frustration (by saying something) I'm going to feel annoyed all the same and if I don't, I'll spend my time getting more worked up I never said anything. This whole process is not something I enjoy and yet it's not a feeling I can avoid.

I don't consider myself an argumentative person but I'm not very good at biting my tongue. I don't want to call this a bad thing but at the same time I do need to master the art of biting my tongue. Mainly for my own peace because there are more things that matter. I feel this frustrated feeling bubbling up inside me (which is likely to end in me saying something) in front of people who have said or done something I believe is wrong and I want to make it clear I believe they are wrong. And yet the feeling of correcting someone in situations like this (I will only be this frustrated if someone has been out of line) doesn't feel much better than the feeling of frustration.

This feeling comes from a certain situation I'm trying to pinpoint but can't quite. I will always believe standing up for everything I believe in is a must but it's the little frustrating things... the frustrating people that I'm not sure about anymore. It's definitely context dependent but I want to improve on ignoring the incredibly frustrating people that make disgusting comments.

More often than not, yes, I won't bite my tongue but it's because I'm faced with individuals who are genuinely testing and more often and not, they bite back in a careless way. Whether they do or not, they don't care and it frustrates me that I've spent time in my day caring about the whole situation.

I am in close contact with a couple of people right now who make me feel this "do I bite my tongue or do I go straight ahead" feeling and so I need to make a decision. Once again, it is context dependent but I'm going to work on not getting worked up and biting my tongue more and more.

Good Words & Love,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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