Thursday, 16 June 2016

Aim: Humane

I have been at a loss for words since I found out about Christina Grimmie's death on Saturday morning. I adored the girl- she was an inspiration of mine from a young age. I don't know how to put into words what her YouTube videos meant to me and how devastated I am for her family and friends, and of course, her. And then the next morning I heard about the shooting in an Orlando gay night club and I just can't stomach it all. It seems like bad news after bad news and I started to question whether we do live in a world that's getting better and better.

Every death is devastating and I can't rate one death as "more tragic" than another- that wouldn't be right. But all deaths are different. And when a death is murder it's a kind of different that makes me so unbearably sad. Sad because I'm affected and sad because I can't imagine the pain of those close to the victims. As soon as a person is murdered they are victims in an entirely new way. "Victim" will often replace their names and that's all because of someone else. Because someone else couldn't perform the simple act of being humane.


Christina Grimmie was many things. For me she was an idol (in an awesome sense of the word). I admired her singing and her attitude and her way of representing herself. A lot of our interests and lifestyle choices aren't the same and yet how she lived was a way I live/want to live. With kindness. With happiness. With doing what she loved. For others she was a sister/a daughter/a friend. And all because of one selfish man and a twisted view of the world, I no longer get to adore her singing voice and get excited about where she is going in life. And then there are her family and her friends and the plethora of things they are now missing.


And then the Orlando gun shooting- a horrific event that produced a number of deaths I can't write down, injuries and the further confirmation that the world still doesn't see homosexuality as it damn well should: normal. The LGBT community responded admirably and with strength and I stand with them- as we all should. The poor victims; the poor families; the poor friends. All in a world that needs to stricter gun laws- I find it astounding guns are even allowed to be possessions across the world. It's an idea that's completely alien and disgusting to me. The right to bear arms is an Amendment in the Constitution I have no respect for. Stricter gun laws are the first damn necessity if America have to be so archaic. And then no guns. Please.


And then as I was about to finish this post off I hear about Jo Cox, Labour MP: shot and stabbed. Another man injured too. There aren't too many facts right now but what I do know is that the world needs a telling off that results in a worldwide change in mentality. I am thinking about the victims of today's events constantly and hoping for the best.

Christina Grimmie only spread positivity. Not one person should die from being shot and I repeat no death can be deemed "more tragic" but I just can't fathom why she was shot. And then the shooting at Pulse night club in Orlando. Another set of lives marking another historical point where homosexuality somehow was the target. The poor, poor victims. Jo Cox- an MP; a mother; a wife; a person.

So for Christina Grimmie, the victims of the Orlando gay club shooting, Jo Cox and everyone past, present and future affected by guns, I pledge to carry on the conversation about limiting and abolishing guns. Do you?

Hope & Change,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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