Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Your Set of Things

I read a post of Louise's ages ago where she spoke about her "set of things" and I loved the concept so much that I had to write about it. It's the concept of having a set of good things, in the way of physical appearance and focussing on them rather than comparing yourself to what other's have.

I thought I'd start this post positively - by ignoring the want to bypass this idea completely and remind myself of bad features instead - and write my set of positive things:


So, I like my eyebrows. Weird, but true. They're naturally a manageable shape and with a little bit of nurture, I like them! In turn, my cheeks are quite stroke-worthy soft and my ears are happy things on the side of my head. I like my legs. I don't have the typically gorgeous legs that are oh so gorgeous but I like my legs; they have muscle and I like that!

It's so easy to ignore what you like about yourself but you really shouldn't because others see your special features!

Once someone pointed out something I really disliked about myself and they put the most positive and genuine spin on it and now I'm much more content with this feature. I didn't like how often I'm a bit (or a lot!) rosey-cheeked but someone told me they like that; they said it shows off my happy personality and no one has ever made me feel so good about something I really hate about myself. They told me I'm rosy because I'm smiley and this made me really chuffed (and more rosy, no doubt!). I have read a lot about red, rosy cheeks because it can bother me a lot, and, while this compliment is enough to make me content with my rosy cheeks, I remember reading online that people are likely to find rosy cheeks endearing when you blush and so this makes me okay with them!

If you can't find your set of things, do not worry (but you have every reason to see your set of things) because if you stood in front of me and many, many people, we could find them for you. Your lovely freckles.  Your eyelashes. Your sweet eyes. The way of your figure. Your perfectly shaped fingers. The colour of your lips...

One hugely important thing I have learnt is to not compare myself to others... ever.

Please find a way to realise that you are so deserving of enjoying and respecting you're body and set of things.

I would love for you to leave a list (or as many things you feel comfortable with) of things you like about yourself below. It took a lot for me to not write "sometimes soft cheeks" and "slightly toned legs" but I didn't because that's not the point, so please don't belittle yourself!

Blue Skies & Fluffy Clouds,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. A while ago I wrote a post about body confidence and you can read it HERE.


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