Friday, 21 March 2014

Something New

THIS beautiful video has inspired me to write something about a feeling I've been enjoying.

I have been feeling something new.

Recently I've been experiencing the more "positive" side of my personality than the pessimistic side I often counterbalance any positivity with. I'm glad I've taken a conscious step to engage with positivity than progress through days feeling a little pessimistic about things.

For everyone, I know it's not a conscious decision that people can make and, if I'm honest, there's a reason that kick-started the permanent smile on my face. Yet, although this reason is what  made me see the bright side of life, it is not the only reason that makes me feel happiness in my gut. I hope this isn't coming across as a I'm-so-happy-shove-it-in-your-face kind of post but one with a message to myself for when I'm feeling glum or slightly pessimistic: Tomorrow might just be your day, and if it's not, the day after could be.

I do believe in the idea of there being sunshine beyond the rain but it can be hard to forget.

Even though I am pessimistic, I don't consider myself as being negative. I believe they're different things. I have only just come to this realisation and I'm glad for it. I have sprinkles of happiness in every day that I love and appreciate, whether they're big sprinkles or small and I'm for ever glad for each of these moments. However, naturally, there can be a few storms every now and then and a few more showers, whether they're light or heavy. This something new, though, is making everything that bit sunnier.

I hope you had your umbrella for that fall of weather-y metaphors!

What I'm saying is that I'm feeling happy and I'm feeling positive. Yet, I'm happy most days just lacking the complete positivity to seize the day in whatever way I wish. Right now, with this something new, though, I have every "carpe diem" motive. This feeling has meant that I see every tiny or big wonderful, happy thing as awesome. Everyday, expected and predictable things are a lovely part of my days.

I think I'm ready for this something new.

Have a beautiful day/evening/night!

Rhymes & Love Songs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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