Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Walk it Off

Walking has been the most therapeutic activity for me in the last week. I've been taking walks left, right and centre and they've brought me happiness, a sense of relieve and the time I've needed to think things out and get rid of any stress. I used to walk everywhere but I'm more likely to run or cycle now. From now on I'll be incorporating a lot more walking into my life. Knowing wandering along is super good for you physically and for me mentally makes it all the better.

I just cannot recommend anything more right now. Despite being very happy a lot of rubbish things are happening this summer- rubbish things I can deal with. One way being through walking. All walks have had a purpose to them, although I do intend to take some genuine walks- with no plan involved. Walking to work or to see a friend has been so beautifully calming. Relaxing. Lovely. Eye-opening. Relieving. Happy. Later I will be taking a walk just for that reason. To walk it all off.

Sitting inside frustrated or forming texts or making stupid angry noises just does nothing for me anymore. I need me. I've realised a lot over the last few years that the only person I really need - all the time - is me. Of course when it comes down to it we are the only person always there for us. Use yourself and love yourself and let yourself help you. When I'm walking, all alone and with my thoughts and the world, it's so easy to see clearer. To let myself talk to myself and tell me what I should do or show me different ways to help myself- other people and sad spaces only stunt my progression when they're quite clearly standing in the way. And all I want to do is progress.

I'm actually feeling a lot of pride in the decisions I am making recently. I'm using my head; I'm being smart. I am completely surrounded by negativity in three ways this summer. And last week it was only two! But I'm taking these negative sources and I'm calming the hell away from them. If that makes any sense. Everything is hard and awkward in these three particular ways- I am happy and I am fine but I am feeling incredibly uncomfortable in the three worse ways I ever have. But my walks have helped me massively.

I'm feeling positive. I'm feeling good. And if anyone tries to get in the way, well then I'll walk away... Literally!

Walks & Thoughts,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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