Friday, 26 August 2016

Silly, Happy Voices

The night was rushed but, not once, hushed. She and him both thrived under the ticking clock, giggling. Being silly. Not looking forward because they knew a glorious night was to come and the now was something special. Two years of giggles, memories and nights just like this night. But not quite this night.

They sipped on sparkly drinks and spoke with silly, happy voices. They sung with no holding back. They looked at each other lovingly, very aware of what Hollywood-esque-love meant. Not perfect. And yet perfect. He wondered what was in store and sparkles shot up through his stomach with the knowledge that she took the time to arrange something special. He knew it would be special. Fuelled by silly love. Fuelled by happiness.

She revealed to him her dress.

Nerves shot through her body. Silly again. But not nice.

He could have clapped. He could have laughed from her sheer brilliance. He could have hugged her right there and then, taking in her scent. He chose silly. "You look beyond amazing. Pretty. Beautiful. Stunning. Gorrrrgeous."

"And you're wrong."

"None of that now. I hope you weear that every day from now on."

"You're stupid!" she insisted, grinning.

She hadn't felt good when she slipped the dress on and threw over her blazer. And then, with his honest eyes on her, she felt incredible. Honest, silly, happy eyes.

The night went slowly on and they were both oh-so-grateful for this. They missed their train and yet, no bother. She insisted for him to ssh! "I have a plan!" She giggled and he followed her lead. They ran and ran until they reached their two sparkly drinks. "I can't believe you," he said, grinning. "And yet I can."

"You're panicking, aren't you?"

"What if we miss our train again?!"

"You're predictable, sweetheart. Luckily, I'm more of a go with the wind type of girl."

His mouth widened, as did his eyes. "And go with the wind, we shall!"

Before they knew it they were back at the train station and on their train. "Where are we going?" he grinned for the millionth time and butterflies flurried through her stomach. She hoped with everything in her that it was all to go smoothly and he would adore her plans. They giggle about their running to a pub and running back again, finding the whole night completely enchanting. Magical. Silly. Happy.

To cut a long and completely lovely story short, the night was glorious. Full of sparkles and grinning. And delicious food. "You did good, girl," he brought his girlfriend towards him and she happily obliged. "You're a bit lovely, aren't you?"

"After two years, you're finally realising?"

"I mean, I've had an inkling." He took a piece of her hair and blew it with a silly smile. "I might keep you for another two years."

"Well, you might," she winked and he gasped. It might have been comical had she not been thinking that she hoped he was right. And then right again and again and again and they would soon be entwined by the most magical years of memories, silliness and happiness.

"But really, thank you for tonight. It's been simply sensational."

"You're more than welcome, silly."


Sparkles & Twinkles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.



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